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Welcome to Swing Dancing San Diego - the

#1 place to "get fit, have fun and make friends" 

with the most exceptional Swing Era dance classes

and events in San Diego.


We offer premier classes for all levels in

Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Shag, Blues,

Jazz Movement, Aerials and so much more!


Our social dances bring you the best music from the 1920s - 1950s.  Take our lesson before to learn some cool moves you can practice that same night!  Fantastic live bands, DJs and performances give you a fun night out.  Win cool raffle prizes or participate in dance competitions to win cash!    


Click around to see a complete list of what we have to offer and why we can develop you from a total beginner to helping the community as a teacher or performer and everything in-between.  We are San Diego's only full service, professional dance company focusing 100% on Swing Era dances. 



The owner of Swing Dancing San Diego is JOEL PLYS.  

Just by looking at his resume and Swing dance experience

(since 1998), you will see why there is no greater resource for

learning to Swing Dance locally.


    Globally, his unique events bring hundreds of dancers

      together to experience historic venues, amazing live

        music, and other exceptional instructors he has had the

          pleasure of working with around the world.


             Swing dancing is not just a hobby for Joel - it is his

            passion and his profession, committed 100% to making

            YOU the best dancer you can be.


Start by signing up for a class and join us at our social dances

to practice, practice, practice!


Thank you for allowing us to take you on this joyous journey

and we can't wait to see you on the dance floor!




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Need even more Swing Dancing in your life?

Visit our online store to view our large collection of DVDs, shirts, bow ties, gift certificates and COMING SOON our "Digital Dance" downloads give you the option of purchasing individual moves for as little as $1.99!


Joel Plys bio pic
Jackie O'Neil Plys bio pic

Co-owner of Swing Dancing San Diego

Began Swing Dancing in 2006

Graphics and web designer for SDSD

Swing & blues DJ


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Click here if you are looking to sign up for a fun and social group class!


Partners not required as we frequently rotate in class

Our social dances are a fantastic way to practice what you learn while making new friends in a

welcoming environment.


Click here to purchase your tickets for a future dance!

Get that one-on-one attention that is difficult to achieve in a Group Class.


Sign up for a private lesson to dance with the instructor(s) and get immediate feedback!

Choreography is a great way to advance your dancing and make money doing it!


Join The Hang Ten Hoppers to learn choreographed routines & perform to spread the joy of Swing Dancing!

Joel Plys Tranky Doo Spirit Moves instructional DVD

Owner of Swing Dancing San Diego

Began Swing Dancing in 1998

Member of 2 Swing Dance Hall of Fames

Has taught in 32 U.S. states & 12 countries



Joel and Jackie Plys are two AMAZING swing dance instructors.  They teach the full spectrum of swing era dances and have a group class for any level of dancer.  My personal favorite is their performance group, the Hang Ten Hoppers -- it's fun, challenging, and high energy.

Joel and Jackie bring a lot of passion when they teach, and yet you couldn't ask for two more patient instructors.  Even if you've never danced before in your life, why not learn from the best?  It's pretty cool to have these two world-class swing instructors right here in San Diego.

Joel & Jackie are amazing dance instructors and DJ's - technique, moves, styling ... just brilliant. If you're interested in Lindy Hop or Balboa and you are in the San Diego area - definitely hit them up for group classes, private lessons, or any kind of dance coaching you might need!

-Doug S.

-Ken M.

-Valentina O.

We residents of San Diego are supremely fortunate that here too lives an exceptional, experienced master teacher of dance - Charleston, Lindy, Balboa, East Coast, and probably whatever else people want to learn.  We are soooo lucky that he and wife Jackie are offering up superb weekly dances, lessons, events with bands!  Joel's expertise in dance instruction (efficiently helping students learn quickly and correctly) has been proven to be A+++ across the world for years or maybe decades, so no need to cover here, but beyond that I can attest that Joel and Jackie are both  genuine, kind, funny, enthusiastic dance teachers.  Their dance events are fun and I like their choice of music they DJ at their own events.  It's wonderful that during events, both Jackie and Joel have been really really friendly and helpful to me when asking my beginner level questions about dance techniques.  For all these reasons above, I wholly recommend anyone who wants to learn the above 4+ dances, and have fun doing it -- go see these enthusiastic experts at Swing Dancing San Diego!

-Michelle D.


Joel is a fantastic swing dancing teacher. He knows a lot about the history of the dances from pre-swing era onwards and best of all he loves to share his knowledge and his passion for dancing. From him I have learnt Lindy hop, Balboa, Collegiate shag and a bunch of the classics routines from old clips. I had loads of teachers in my long academic history and Joel is one of the best. He challenges you and helps you taking care of your ego while improving your dancing skills. He teaches fantastic combination while paying attention to the technique behind your moves and your basic steps. Jackie complements Joel perfectly, adding grace and swivels (although Joel's swivels are not bad at all too ;)). Take classes with them and you will be a happy dancer.


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